Data Drives Everything

The Future of In-Space Manufacturing:

Autonomous 3D Metal Printing.

Fully verified. Defect free.

Advancing the State of the Art


A new generation of large format Electron Beam Wire Feed metal 3D printing systems for a wide range of commercial industrial applications based on technology developed for NASA’s Artemis Moon to Mars program.

Developed from the ground up, the first system specifically tailored to the applications and needs of large scale metal 3D printing for industries ranging from military and commercial aerospace, automotive, a broad range of industrial and remote locations.


Leveraging Semiconductor Process Control Technology


COSM’s engineers and scientist bring hundreds of staff years of experience in developing electron beam and ion beam in-situ metrology based process control technology from the semiconductor industry to large scale 3D printing that will result in know good parts with full inspection and validation data on each and every part as it is made

Data Driven

Each part supported by a full range of machine operating parameter and component measurement information continuously and with real time feedback and user defined corrective action capability.

Quality Assured


Part to part and machine to machine repeatability, reproducibility - verified and quality ensured by real time measurement data of parameters of interest.

Expertise Matters

Our dedicated staff have a history of successful new technology developments in partnership with semiconductor equipment companies worldwide for advanced engineering and science, customer specific applications, manufacturing and support. Our experience based ability to develop next generation process driven technology in partnership with world leading technology companies is unsurpassed.