COSM - Advanced Manufacturing Systems, LLC

About Cosm

Innovative Layer-Additive Manufacturing


July 25, 2017 - Robotic assembly and manufacturing in space comes one step closer. NASA engages specialty engineering firm for key design responsibilities... Read More


About COSM

COSM Advanced Manufacturing LLC designs and manufactures custom process equipment for the metal 3D printing, semiconductor, flat panel display and factory robotics industries.

Our unique proposition is translating complex 3-4 dimensional science projects at the nano, micro, or multi meter macro scale into verifiable and repeatable process tools that make real products for real applications.



EBF3 System for NASA

Development of systems and technology to advance the state of the art for 3D printing of large aerospace and commercial industrial components. SBIR Phase II Awarded.


Development of charged particle beam systems for fab line,imaging, metrology and other applications. Chemical Vapor Deposition systems for Semiconductors, Display and MOCVD applications.

Factory Automation

Support of custom development and applications for industrial environments.



Mechanical and Control Systems

Development of mechanical and control sub-systems, consulting, and performance analysis.

End to End Software Design

The engineering team at COSM has a proven record of implementing custom solutions at all levels of need for a deliverable system; from machine control, to user interface, to full production connectivity.

System Design

Development of full mechanical, control systems and software to customer specifications meeting CE and SEMI S2 standards.