Our Vision

Our company’s mission is to become a world leading developer and commercial supplier of Electron Beam Wire Feed Additive Manufacturing systems for a wide range of aerospace and commercial industrial applications. We will leverage over 350 man-years of cumulative R&D and engineering experience of successful high vacuum, charged particle beam systems development, primarily in the semiconductor industry. The research innovation funded by a recent NASA grant will, with further development funded by outside sources, lead to a scalable electron beam direct wire feed system for additive manufacturing (AM) with a suite of in-situ metrology capabilities. Along with the fundamental NASA knowledge base into this new and emerging market, this technology will be poised for adoption by several major, key markets. We anticipate that the primary near term market for the electron beam wire feed additive manufacturing systems will be specific commercial applications which can benefit from the ability to:

  • ... “write” parts and shapes not possible with current manufacturing processes

  • ... reduce energy footprint in manufacturing

  • ... lower part cost

  • ... reduce time to market

Our History

The key COSM staff brings over 350 man years of experience in developing high vacuum-based electron beam, focused ion beam and CVD process equipment and processes for the semiconductor industry. Our staff has played key technical roles with a range of companies in the following technologies:

  • Helium ion microscope (gas field ion source) achieving a beam spot size of 0.3nm

  • Electron beam lithography system

  • Ion implant systems including novel ion sources

  • Focused ion beam systems for integrated circuit failure analysis, circuit edit and photomask repair including liquid metal field emission ion sources in gallium and eutectic alloys

  • Focused ion beam induced metal and insulator deposition and etch for IC circuit edit

  • Laser direct write metal and insulator systems for LCD active matrix repair in manufacturing

  • Plasma and thermal chemical vapor deposition systems for flat panel display, integrated circuit and LED manufacturing