Intellectual Property

  • COSM has negotiated a license with NASA to secure the fundamental EBF3 technology

  • Our patent application 15/765,767 has had a notice of allow-ability issued

  • Numerous provisional patent applications in the queue

  • We maintain a secure trade secret portfolio

Down here is where we can brag up major achievements and thngs to show off with.  This would include the picture of the spring, and whatever else we're able to show.

  • Screen shots?

  • A gallery of images out of some of our reports?

  • Whatever geeky eye candy we can throw at this.

Below are a few representative patents our team has contributed to...

Subject: Rotating disk reactor with ferro-fluidic seal for chemical vapor deposition

Patent #: 10718052

Inventors: Louise S. Barriss, Richard A. Comunale, Robert White Milgate, John D. Pollock et al

Abstract: A rotating disk reactor for chemical vapor deposition includes a vacuum chamber and a ferrofluid feedthrough comprising an upper and a lower ferrofluid seal that passes a motor shaft into the vacuum chamber. A motor is coupled to the motor shaft and is positioned in an atmospheric region between the upper and the lower ferrofluid seal. A turntable is positioned in the vacuum chamber and is coupled to the motor shaft so that the motor rotates the turntable at a desired rotation rate. A dielectric support is coupled to the turntable so that the turntable rotates the dielectric support when driven by the shaft. A substrate carrier is positioned on the dielectric support in the vacuum chamber for chemical vapor deposition processing. A heater is positioned proximate to the substrate carrier that controls the temperature of the substrate carrier to a desired temperature for chemical vapor deposition.

Subject: Ion sources, systems, and methods

Patent #: 9029765

Inventors: Richard Comunale, Alexander Groholski, John A. Notte, IV, Randall G. Percival, Billy W. Ward

Abstract: Ion sources, systems and methods are disclosed. In some embodiments, the ion sources, systems and methods can exhibit relatively little undesired vibration and/or can sufficiently dampen undesired vibration. This can enhance performance (e.g., increase reliability, stability and the like). In certain embodiments, the ion sources, systems and methods can enhance the ability to make tips having desired physical attributes (e.g., the number of atoms on the apex of the tip). This can enhance performance (e.g., increase reliability, stability and the like)

Subject: Additive Metal Manufacturing System for In-Situ Metrology and Process Control Patent Application

Patent Application: 20190047077

Inventors: Richard Comunale, Brian Bassett, John Ivory

Abstract: This disclosure provides systems, methods and apparatus systems and methods described herein provide, among other things, a system for additive manufacturing of metal objects. The system includes two electron beams. In one optional implementation, one beam is high powered and acts as a deposition beam that melts a metal feed stock material which is delivered to a deposition zone and onto a work surface and the second electron beam is a low power electron source. The second electron beam acts as an interrogating source that generates an electron beam which interacts with the deposited material. The second electron beam may be active after material is deposited and provides post-deposition in-situ metrology. Various signals generated by this second beam/material interaction are collected and used to provide information about the melted and deposited material.