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Metal 3D Printing Systems for Space Bots

With the nearest hardware stores being 238,900 miles away, this metal 3D printing technology will allow early Moon residents to manufacture their own parts. This will become even more essential for the inhabitants of Mars, which will be 93.3 million miles from home base..... (read more)

COSM Begins Final Development and Build of Electron Beam 3D Metal Printing Systems

What seemed to be merely a product of science fiction, COSM Advanced Manufacturing System has been working on advanced technology that could bring the possibility of robots autonomously manufacturing components outside of a spacecraft a step closer to reality.... (read more)

Autonomous In-Space Assembly and Manufacturing Moves Closer to Reality

COSM Advanced Manufacturing Systems today announced that it will begin working on final development and build of electron beam 3D metal printing systems for a variety of future in-space, lunar, and Martian applications. The work is funded by a SBIR contract from NASA to support the Artemis program’s return to the Moon... (read more)

NASA Increases Investment in US Small Businesses to Mature Lunar Capabilities for Artemis


'COSM Advanced Manufacturing Systems of Ipswich, Massachusetts, will support NASA's needs for in-space manufacturing, assembly, modification, and repair of components. Its advanced electron beam system has a high degree of active process control, real-time inspection, and flaw detection...' (read more) 

Metal 3D Printing Company COSM to Design Electron Beam System for NASA Space Manufacturing Program


'NASA’s Space Technology Mission Directorate (STMD) is working to create what it’s calling a Commercial Infrastructure for Robotic Assembly and Services, or CIRAS. A public-private partnership will form to develop technologies geared towards in-orbit manufacturing and assembly of large space structures that will further human and robotic space exploration. One of those partners will be COSM Advanced Manufacturing Systems, a research engineering and manufacturing company based in Massachusetts...' (read more)

COSM Advanced Manufacturing Systems Gets NASA Funding for 3D Printing Project

'COSM has been involved in the research and development of metal 3D printing technology and other advanced manufacturing techniques since 2011. The company was recently chosen to start work on the design of an electron beam system for an in-space autonomous assembly program. The work will be funded by a contract from NASA’s Langley Research Center, in partnership with Orbital ATK, NASA’s Glenn Research Center and the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory...' (read more)

Manufacturing in Space with Robots and 3D Printing

'What’s cooler than manufacturing? Manufacturing in space! [...] “The assembly and fabrication of structures in space under autonomous robotic control, is of course, extremely challenging,” said Richard Comunale, founder and president of COSM. “Our effort focuses on development of the electron gun, optics and beam control and metrology systems for this application.” ... ' (read more)

NASA Engages Specialty Engineering Firm COSM for Key Design Responsibilities

'COSM Advanced Manufacturing Systems LLC has been selected to design an electron beam system for an in-space autonomous assembly program. The work will be funded by a contract from NASA’s Langley Research Center in partnership with Orbital ATK, NASA’s Glenn Research Center, and the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory.... ' (read more)